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Hundreds of Classes Being Volunteers; Renqing Controlling Water Jointly2017-03-28 00:00:00
On March 22 nd , Renqing Water Control  , the social practice team of 2015 grade from Renji I nstitute , participated in the 25 th  World Water Day ( the 30 th  Chinese Water Week campaign ), which was held at New City Community by Youth League committee  from Shangchen District of Wenzhou. Following the river police , the team patrolled the river to promote Five Water Treatment .
Members of Renqing Water Control   followed the river police to examine water quality and did a survey on the water-using habits of residents surrounding the river. Through these activities, members preached Five water Treatment  knowledge, calling on people to be advocates, practitioners and propellent s of water control. People should start from self and from minor work . Also, people should supervise sewage discharge  from factories around the river, avoid  discharg ing household garbage arbitrarily  and form a good water-consumption habits .
According to reports, to respond to the arrangements called E xterminate V  Water of I nferior Q uality  decided by the Provincial Party Committee  and Provincial Government, Renji Institute contributes a lot. They set up a platform for the practice and education of Five Water Treatment ; they create Hundreds of classes  public welfare  as the branding project  of the institute; they will build over a hundred social practice teams called  “ Renqing Water Control   so that 4000 teachers and students can be encouraged to go to the scene of water control. All in all, they shall promote Five Water Treatmen t”  through practical action and patrol the river to build Dongtou Sea Gardon  jointly!