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Renji College of Wenzhou Medical University Held 2016 Freshmen Celebration2017-03-09 00:00:00

                Renji College of Wenzhou Medical University Held 2016 Freshmen Celebration

—— The party specially set the link of lucky drawing for dream fund 
On November 4 th , in the evening, Renji College of Wenzhou Medical University  held 2016 F reshmen  Celebration in the student center, welcoming new students.
T he school Party committee, propaganda minister Wang Junhong and other leaders attended the celebration . 
The theme of artistic performances is based on three primary concepts. T hey are xiangyu , xiangzhi  and xiangban  in Chinese , which literally means here students encounter, acquaint and then accompany each other through daily interaction.
encounter:If time could stop at the moment when we first met
When I was 18 years old, I strolled in the campus. The breeze flows by my face, time, oh good time ......” Yang Jinjing , a freshman who majors in Medical Technology chants affectionately. S plendid songs and dance, musical instrument performance and fashion shows performed by freshmen revealed their dreamy expectation of university life.
I n strument show:collision of keyboard music
Fashion show:release yourself
affection:Long-lasting is the lovesickness
“You were the one who  I was, and I was the one who you ll be ......” Tian Nanhui, a junior who majors in Public Management put forward some suggestions to freshmen by taking his own experience  as an example. Elegant folk dance showed the beauty of campus; humorous comedy implied the insistence of mental doctors; modern drama represented the desire of their own spiritual  growth.
F olk dance:wander between landscape
accompany:mutual help and relief in time of poverty
“I am your teacher, and also your friend......”  Professor Chen Peng had a heart-stirring speech which unlocked care given by teachers to students. Fluorescent hand dance “depicts the outline of youth” ,  martial arts performance “stick to the youth dream”  and comic dialogue  “share University  experience all showed that teachers  have good wished to students.
Dance series:excellent, my teacher
future:follow your heart,follow your dream.
In order to encourage freshman make great efforts to striving for their dreams, the  celebration set up dream fund . T here were over 1000 dreams collected in the WeChat platform, including education , welfare, gratification, start-up and others. Finally, a freshman named Xu Weijie awarded. “I’m  lucky to get this money which was made by students, and I  think it is really special. I  will make good use of it to achieve my dream , said Xu.
The ultimate dream Fund Award
In recent years, freshman work has been attached great importance especially Freshmen Celebration. I t is carried out being a special form to show image and spirit of college, explaining colorful college life in modern time from a unique perspective . B esides, it is considered as a good way to guide freshmen integrate into new life and pursue their dreams.