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Leadership of Renji College

Secretary of the Part Committee Zhang Cheng-bin: Presided over the work of the party committee. Be responsible for the Party’s construction, ideological and political work and organization work.

Dean Huang Chen-ping: Fully presided over the college administrative work. Be responsible for personnel, planning finance, standardization construction, campus relocation, development planning, international exchange, logistics, state-owned assets management, family planning and other work and in charge of comprehensive development department and organization and personnel department.

Deputy Dean Jin Long-jin: Be responsible for college enrollment, sports, educational administration, students’ research and so on and in charge of the Ministry of Education.

Deputy Dean Li Zhang-ping: Be responsible for college teaching work (including post teaching of medical specialty), discipline construction, scientific research, laboratory construction, educational internationalization work and so on and in charge of teaching and research development department.

Deputy Dean Zhu Xiao-dong: Be responsible for the campus infrastructure construction, in charge of the campus construction engineering department.

Deputy Party Secretary Zhou En-hong: Be responsible for the students work, campus security and Communist Youth League work; in charge of Student Affairs, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Department, Youth League Committee and Party School.

Secretary for Disciplinary Inspection Liu Yu: Assist Secretary of the Party in charge of the construction of the Party’s working style and of a clean and honest administration, organizing activities and be responsible for the college faculty’s Party construction, broadcasting, the united front, labor union, discipline inspection and supervision as well as letters and visits.